My Accounting Philosophy is to

  • Explain everything being done in plain English;
  • Ensure you pay minimum tax for your situation;
  • Propose alternatives to minimize future taxes for you and your business;
  • Provide peace of mind by offering support in dealing with the CRA;
  • Assist with estate planning and life transitions for business purchases, sales or restructurings;
  • Stay up-to-date with ever-changing tax and accounting rules;
  • Give impartial, expert advice as if your situation was my own;
  • Protect your confidential personal and business information at all times.

To this end I currently offer the following accounting services:

Personal Tax Planning and Filing

Whether you are behind in your filings with CRA, having a current tax dispute, or reaching a stage where your returns are more complicated than you are comfortable dealing with yourself, I can help with advice and return preparation.

Corporate Tax and Financial Statement Preparation

Corporate tax is complicated at the best of times.  To ensure that you have proper integration of your corporate and personal tax reporting the assistance of a qualified accountant is highly recommended.  Rules are constantly changing and if you are not reporting and planning your eligible dividends, refundable tax on hand, capital gains exemption or capital dividend account appropriately you can cost yourself thousands of dollars in unnecessary tax payments.

Generating timely and useful financial statements is also an important year end task that can allow you to measure the progress of your business and identify your most profitable revenue streams, as well as ensure accurate tax reporting and minimization of your taxes due.  These are areas where I can assist to ensure that you do not pay too much tax and have timely information for your business development.

Estate and Related Tax Planning

Being an executor can be a thankless and unrewarding task at a time when you don’t want to be thinking about taxes and liabilities.  I specialize in assisting executors to get through this challenging task while minimizing the taxes paid by the estate and ensuring the executor is protected against any future liability for the estate’s taxes.

Business Consulting Services

I am also happy to assist you in analyzing your existing business processes to suggest areas for improvement to minimize your “leakage”, improve cash flow,  improve the accuracy and timeliness of your business reporting and to help identify your key business trends.  With years of experience as an auditor I have seen both successful and unsuccessful business processes and have seen how important these processes can be to the success and profitability of your business and will be happy to share the benefit of these experiences with you.

Additional Expertise

Where additional expertise is required I am happy to assist in recommending quality professionals in Victoria who can offer legal, financial planning, cross-border, audit, bookkeeping, mortgage and banking/financing services.